A Review of the Post-Apocalyptic World in The 100

(TVShow Time n.d.)

How would the world exist if we were to experience something as magnificently devastating as a Nuclear Apocalypse?

Within the world of the post-apocalyptic, science-fiction television program, ‘The 100’, humans have now been living in a united space station known as the Ark after escaping the Nuclear Apocalypse. In this world, there exists a virtual reality called the City of Light. This digital entity was created by an artificial intelligence known as A.L.I.E., who, in turn, was created by the neuroscientist, Becca when she lived on the space station called Polaris which refused to join the Ark.

(The 100 Wikia 2016)

The City of Light allows for anyone who enters it, to virtually become immortalised. Their conscious is ‘uploaded’ to the virtual reality, so they live on even after they have died. Within this entity, there is no death and no mental or physical pain. Ethically, the City of Light is highly problematic because it essentially recreates the human mind, erasing all negativity and anything linked to that pain. One can enter the City of Light through meditation or through A.L.I.E. after ingesting a ‘chip’ called the Key to the City of Light which is a silicon-based device that causes, “the filaments [in the device to] reconstitute in the brain stem [interrupting] pain receptors [and] inhibiting certain neural pathways from firing (The 100 Wikia 2016, para. 9).”

(The 100 Wikia 2016)

STEEP Analysis of the “current” world – Earth, 2149/2150 CE


This scenario of having artificial intelligence in control of an unethical virtual reality that can lure people into its wiles might be probable in the distant future if we succumb to the unrestricted power of sentient technology. As for the way the world exists in ≃2150 CE, as shown in the above STEEP analysis, if a Nuclear Apocalypse occurs, we might be forced to ‘downgrade’ to a lifestyle such as the one the Grounders lead. Whether we would be able to create technology such as A.L.I.E. 2.0 and have genetically modified people such as Nightbloods though, is debatable, and only time will tell if we do happen to scientifically advance that far.




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