Scenario Review: Inception


Inception is a science fiction movie written and directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Leonardo DiCaprio which is a professional thieve who steals people’s ideas by getting into their sub-conscience.


Chistopher Nolan test the audience by leading us though this maze and having us not really knowing what is going to happen, he makes us feel confused and lost, but he manages to still immerse us. This movie is all about the process even if you knew how it ended you would not know how to get there, he switches from reality to dreams so you get to a point where you are unsure if what is happening is fiction. Creating dreams within dreams within dreams is the real challenge.


Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is hired by a really powerful man to introduce an idea into his rival´s mind and do it so good so the person actually believes it is his own idea. It is a hard task since our minds reject ideas that aren’t ours. Cobb creates a team with people from different backgrounds to help him establish his goal. He partners up with his long-time associate, a brilliant chemist an architect and an identity theft. Cobb´s job is to create a new maze in his mind so that dreams can slip in without him noticing.



When Fischer (Cobb´s rival) dies, his son takes the body from Sydney to Los Angeles and Cobb and the team take this opportunity of a thirteen-hour flight to sedate Fischer and take him into a shared dream with the team.

Some of the important objects used in the movie are the totem and the serum. The totem is meant to distract and fool the audience and not only us but to distract Cobb as well. And until you get to the end of the movie you are not sure why this totem is so important for him, it is what keeps him knowing if he is in a dream or not and what keeps him not lose his mind.


This serum that they use to make Fischer fall asleep could be powerful in the future. As my group and I are focussing on the Polyphasic sleep and twenty minute naps every four hours, it could be as easy as carrying a briefcase with your stuff needed for the day as well as the serum so if you are having trouble sleeping you could self-induce to sleep, or even better our sleeping pods could have the serum implemented so as soon as you get into the pod you fall asleep. This would set you straight away to the REM which would give you the best sleep.





People can have real experiences with others while dreaming


Advancement in medicine, creation of the serum, new technologies to immerse everyone in a shared dream


By stealing people´s ideas Cobb gets richer. Only people with high income could afford to pay for the serum


You are able to create your personal space or environment and control your dream, that is why Cobb needed an architect in his team.


The government looks the same as it is now




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