Primary Research

An interview was conducted with a 20 year old female called Courtney studying Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney, from which, her particular vision of the future was ascertained to be predicated on the conditions surrounding public transport, work, and family life.

She believes there will be a sleep revolution in the next twenty years and people will tend to sleep less because right now we have such a big pressure to perform and we are so busy all the time, but slowly we would tend to a polyphasic sleep since people would start taking naps and try to get a better quality of sleep which is what we came across in our future scenario.

I asked how she pictures Sydney in the future and she said “I feel like it is going to head towards New York since as we can all see it is still expanding but there is still going to be a wealth distinction between upper and lower class because of the price of housing” she hopes that the public transport will improve and maybe a subway network will be implemented, by making public transport faster and better people would be able to get to their jobs faster and we would have more time to sleep. I tried to get her to the future of sleep rather than just the future and I told her about my previous blog post of the technology improving and making planes better and more comfortable and she said hoe maybe in a future people would tend to sleep more on public transport like planes, long distance trains and buses which would make our days more efficient.

The future of sleep related to work had to do with our sleeping pods so I told her about our scenario and she thought it was a great idea to have those pods implemented. She believes that work hours will change to ten hour shifts four days a week which would make us have longer weekends, that means that we would have less time to sleep during the week but more during the weekends but also having the sleeping pods underneath the city would let us nap during the day and be more efficient.

She also mentioned how the birth rate will drop and families would tend to have just one baby which would make sleep better for the parents and the education for this child better.

I asked her if she would use a serum to put her to sleep right away or have the sleeping pods implement that serum and she said that sometime it is so hard for her to fall asleep and that is why she does not believe in twenty minute naps every four hours because she would have a hard time getting a full REM cycle so if there was a serum that made you sleep and not damage you that would be the best thing ever.


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