How technology has improved over night plane flights


It was the 5th of February of 1919 when the airline Deutsche Luftreederei started transporting people from Berlin to Weimar. That was a two hour and 18 minutes flight and only 5 passengers were able to travel. Who would have thought that now a days the Airbus A380 could transport 850 people and have 20 hour flights.captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-27-a-las-14-45-46

Technology has improved and grown so much since that first plane was made and it has made traveling so accessible for everyone. There are about 102,465 commercial flights per day and around 1000 private planes carrying people from one place to another. It is really common to travel around the world for business and crossing the ocean can take a long time. Not a long time ago sitting on an uncomfortable seat for 10 hours was the worst thing that could happen to you and so many people were afraid of getting in those planes but with the help of technology travelling overseas is so easy.


Not only during the day but traveling during the night has become more popular, not only because of the comfort and facilities that modern airlines provide but to make your days or trips longer. Flying over night and being able to have a comfortable place to sleep in makes your trips better, you gain a day of fun or recovery.

“I don’t always fly, but when I do I fly First class…”… so many of us wish we could say that but for the lucky ones who actually get that chance there are airlines that make the experience of flying in first class unforgettable, some planes have more comfortable beds than the ones in your house. Singapore Airline´s suite class provides private individual closed cabins. The seat itself becomes a fully extended bed with the touch of a button, the TV provides more channels that Australia has and all the movies, games and TV shows you could imagine.

Flying is a real challenge for your body, from the cabin pressure, the dry air to the jetlag afterwards. There is a high risk of hurting your knees for being sitting in a squished seat for a long time that is why technology is so important to get to fly in a comfortable way, there are lower class planes that the one in Singapore airlines but still recline to a comfortable position which stops your knees from hurting.


Also the fact that most airplanes now have individual screens with movies makes the duration of the flight seem shorter and if you are traveling with little kids it is a great way to keep them entertained. In 10 years we do not know where technology would take us but the plane industry is going to be affected by this and most likely in a good way, more comfortable planes affordable for everyone, not only first class. Flights would become faster so you would be less time on the plane and the individual screens and assistance will amaze us.


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