The future of Sydney: Interview

The future is developing around the world especially in big cities such as New York and London. But is Sydney also developing? And if so what would it be like? Would it be a utopian or dystopian city? Would it follow the footsteps of other cities or would it be a city with no sleep and constantly running? University student Alan Tsibulya, speaks out about what his view is on the future of Sydney, through his interpretation of what the city is developing to and it is compared to today in 2016.

It was after watching the film Divergent which made me ask myself, ‘Would Sydney turn into a utopian or a dystopian world?’ and I automatically thought more utopian rather than a destructed city but I needed to know what other peoples opinions were. One in particular Alan, a 19 year old student living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. When asking how Alan would imagine Sydney in the future in terms of a utopian or dystopian world, he simply answered “A utopian world. Because I believe that the people of Australia are working together and coming together during hard times and being multicultural and being able to work things out with people no matter their religion and things like that.” There was a lot of positivity and enlightenment towards Sydney working together rather than against each other which creates the imagination that Sydney would rather be positive and changing for the better in the future.

With the future developing through technology, construction and people, sleep is a big factor whether it might change for the future causing less sleep. Alan quick to answer if sleep is being disturbed as the years go by, “Oh 100%. I believe so because of technology, because of the blue-light in the smart phones. It makes us associate our brains with the sky because of the day. I definitely believe technology is a big impact on sleep because people are binge watching Netflix before bed and it gets your mind racing”. With technology affecting sleep today and creating more devices over time, it is also believed that in the future sleep will also be affected as technology becomes stronger in the future. Furthermore, Alan was quick to discuss his opinion on if the hours of sleep (average 8 hours a night) will be decreasing or increasing in the future, “I think with the prevalence of technology and it rapidly developing, the next generation and state of the art technology that we could never dream of having will be dependent on technology and they will have less sleep than today”.

Finally as we came to the end of the interview, I ask if the future of Sydney could possibly turn into a corrupt and controlled city by the government like in Divergent. “No, I believe everyone needs to be together and we are all different from beliefs, culture and religion but we come together, and it would only cause divide and segregation,” claims Alan. With this being said, it is clear that Sydney is only to develop into a positive city bringing people together and working with and not against


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