Scenario Review: Divergent

Divergent is science-fiction film series based on the book series written by Veronica Roth, set in a dystopian city of Chicago, the futuristic city shows a society, which is being controlled and led by a corrupt government. There are numerous possibilities and elements of this dystopian world could be in the future of cities.

Divergent is a society that is divided into five factions, separating into groups based on peoples values and certain gifts. Technology is very enhanced in this world, one enhancement includes the ability to get into people’s mental state and access their fears and personality determining the faction each they should be placed in. The factions are based on certain personality traits and skills everybody is born with, the factions are ‘Abnegation’ the faction of the selfless, ‘Candor’ the faction of the honest, ‘Dauntless’ the faction of the brave, ‘Amity’ the faction of the peaceful and ‘Erudite’ the faction of the intelligent. More tests are conducted to see if people are capable of their chosen faction, if so they are part of that faction for the rest of their life, if not they are factionless (equivalent to homelessness .

Watching this film allowed me to visualise this possible scenario of control and corruption by the government. The city pulls people away from one another based on their aptitudes, creating a destructed city as they lack freedom and follow order. The advanced technologies used in this scenario are possible for the future but would take quite awhile to develop. This is possible with the development of technology as in the film, they can enter the mental state and completely analyse peoples fears and their thinking strategies. As years go by today, the government also creates more power over society basing it on their needs rather than listening to what the people need and desire. Due to this, it possibly could lead to something destructive and corrupt as this scenario in Divergent.

I visualise the future scenario similar to Divergent through the setting and spaces around them. The city is very deserted and isolated with a lot of land and seclusion. This allows the people to be set in structure and order. The outfits worn also are realistic and are only according to each faction to differentiate each person in their according faction.

There are a few positive factors when it comes to creating a scenario much like Divergent, one being structure and order which allows no problems to occur due to this controlling system, whereas there are cons socially, the society is divided and it loses its community experience and working within their pact rather than together. It also loses its independence and people are being used by the governments and their own needs and causes destruction mentally and physically.

In conclusion, Divergent conveys a dystopian and destructive scenario which possibly start developing and turn into for the future of the cities around the world.

STEEP ANALYSIS.Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 1.53.39 pm.png


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